The eyes are the mirror of the soul. But not all of us know that it’s possible to read by other person’s eyes. So you can get to know his emotions and feeling.

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Talking about people’s internal psychological content and external morphological features, we should remember that human face is not something frozen, but is a whole range of different movements, resulting in mimicry.


Decoding Look Gestures Voice

For example, fully raised head tells about self-confidence, expresses self-consciousness, complete openness and attention to the outside world. Tilting the head back demonstrates a strong desire to work and gain aims. In contrast, bent head indicates low activity, complete openness and even submission. Head, hanging upside down, is a sign of weakness and unavailability to stresses.

“Language of look” is very diverse. Thus, fully open eyes characterize high sensitivity, intellect, and overall liveliness. Wide-open (“bulging”) eyes indicate attachment to the visual environment. » Curtained” eyes are often the sign of inertia, indifference, arrogance, boredom, or fatigue. Narrowed or squinting eyes mean either concentrated attention, sometimes even slyness.

Direct look shows interest, trust, openness, readiness to interact directly. Looking from the side indicates skepticism and disbelief. Looking down (with tilted head) finds a sense of superiority, arrogance, contempt, domination. Deviated look indicates insecure, shy or timid personality.

German anthropologist Carsten Nimitz, studying smile in its dynamics, found that the impression of sincere or feigned smiles arises depending on the speed with which the corners of the mouth are raised. The researcher affirms that a smile accompanied with the expansion of the eyes for too long time without their brief closing tells about threat. In the opposite, briefly closing eyes is a calming element of mimicry.


Crossed arms tell about protective reaction, isolation, and self-defense. Hands behind the back indicate lack of willingness to act, as well as shyness and embarrassment. Open palm up is a gesture of explanation, persuasion, and readiness to contact. Hands hidden in pockets tell about concealment of difficulties.

Movement of hands covering the face or part of it indicates the desire to hide something. Open hand stroking something pleasant to the touch (e.g., the other arm) tells about gentle temper, good humor.

Finger inserted into the mouth defines the naivety, the state of absent-mindedness, and confusion. Finger, touching the eyes or ears, is a sign of a certain awkwardness, timidity and desire to escape.

Every gesture of the individual is a certain word in the language. Reading the gestures, we provide feedback, which plays a major role in the interaction process.


Voice is a characteristic feature, which allows getting more general impression of the Here are some characteristics of the human voice:

  • A lively, brisk manner of speaking shows impulsivity, self-confidence
  • Calm, slow manner suggests calmness, prudence, soundness
  • Visible fluctuations in the speed of speech reveal a lack of balance, uncertainty, excitable
  • A powerful voice indicates true power, inherent motives, sometimes even arrogance
  • Quiet voice indicates restraint, modesty, tact, or lack of vitality, weakness
  • Abrupt changes in the volume demonstrate the emotion and excitement

You shouldn’t spend a lot of time to understand the character of your potential match. You can just talk to him\her for a 10 minutes and decide whether he\she is a special someone for you.    Answers about hobbies, habits and preferences will help you reveal hidden aspects of his\her character. Each answer can tell a lot about the personality.

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Emotions are internal subjective mental states characterized by specific bodily expression, which manifests itself in vascular reactions, changes in respiration and circulation, in a distinctive facial expressions and gestures, in the intonation of speech, and so on.

Changing in breathing. Many emotions are connected with increased muscle activity and increased voice. It explains the large role played by emotions in respiratory movements, performing, as you know, a dual function: 1) improving gas exchange and provision of the necessary work for increased muscle oxygen and 2) the transmission of air through the glottis and achieving the desired vibration of the vocal cords.

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Our aim is not only to teach you how to understand what kind of person in front of you, but also determine its past and predict what will happen in the future. The physiognomy is the art of reading people’s faces.

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Each of us has inherent characteristic gestures and movements. The same thing is with laugh. The way your match laughs in different situations corresponds to his/her character. Answering questions you’ll define the character of your mate.

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The question “What sort of music do you like?” is very revealing. It is the number one topic of conversation during the first date. Psychologists’ research has shown that knowing another person’s musical tastes can provide remarkably accurate personality predictions. For most people, music is a very important part of their lives and psychologists believe that their preferences reveal information about their characters and lifestyle. They think that personality clues conveyed in the music tempo, rhythm and lyrics.

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If you’ve already met the person you like and now are planning your dating, so you should know more about his/her character and main features. There are many ways how to read the person’s inside world but today we’ll be talking about star signs. Very often Zodiac can tell a lot about its owner. People of different star signs have different tempers and way of life. So ask your mate about his/her stars combination!

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One of the areas of our body conveying most about how we feel is how we move our hands and arms. These gestures are considered by our subconsciousness. They are made naturally being sometimes absolutely deliberate.

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Woman has at least 50 methods how to show the men she likes him. The man uses only 10 elements of body language. To make a successful dating you should now how to read men’s thoughts.

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